Paper Map to the rescue

Recently, on a road trip from my home in Guelph, I headed out on a road trip to Princeton New Jersey.

I was using Google Maps on my phone, but the power drained in my Moto G despite being plugged in.

I was map-less!

So, in the middle of Pennsylvania I stopped at the first gas station, no maps.  Went another 50km – no maps at that gas station either.  5 stations later I finally found a map – really small scale of North Eastern States.

So from now on, when the lights go out, I am always going to have a paper version of the map.

Like the boyscout motto: “Be Prepared”


1 Response to “Paper Map to the rescue”

  1. September 9, 2016 at 3:45 pm

    Great story Gordon! We did two weeks to CA from CO. I bought a western US map at WalMart (got some funny looks when i asked for paper maps). Only twice did i resort to Google and my 11 year old was glued to the map most of the trip, he was the official navigator!

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