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Unsupported Autodesk FDO Provider to Oracle with XE – works…er..

Ok, I managed to get Autodesk FDO Provider for Oracle working with Autodesk MapGuide Enterprise 2009 with Oracle XE.  The trick was simple.

Just make sure that the SCHEMA, the USERS, the TABLES and all the COLUMNS are in upper case.  That’s it.  I was stuggling with theming, connecting, etc with Oracle XE and Autodesk FDO Provider for Oracle.  I had reverted to the SL-KING Provider for Oracle (due to the fact that the Autodesk FDO Provider for Oracle does not offically supports XE and I couldn’t get it working).

So I created a new users, loaded it up with tables, including a geometry column called GEOMCOL all in upper case, added an entry to the SDO_GEOM_METADATA table, a spatial Index, and voila! I have the Autodesk FDO Provider for Oracle working “tickety-boo” with XE. 


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