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Autodesk MapGuide 6.5 Retired But Still Downloadable

Here are the links to download MapGuide 6.5 Service Pack 1 (for now):

MapGuide ActiveX Control

MapGuide Author 6.5

MapGuide Server 6.5

MapGuide SDF Loader 6.5

MapGuide Raster Workshop 6.5

MapGuide Dynamic Authoring Toolkit 6.5

MapGuide Component Toolkit 6.5


Use at own risk as these products are no longer supported!  I have been continuing to consult with people to help move them to Autodesk Infrastructure Map Server 2014 or MapGuide Open Source – let me know if you need help migrating.



Gordon Luckett

Arrow Geomatics Inc's Gordon Luckett


gordon dot luckett at arrowgeo dot com 1-519-837-9500 (Arrow Geomatics Inc.)

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