Perils of Monolithic Map Layers

Now there is the ability to add all our layers for your organization in a single map,

does not mean we should.


The maps we put online tend to have every tool imaginable and every last layer of information any one could ever want.  It may check every box on the requirements for the proposal or project but it is like having a swiss army knife with a thousand tools.  Un-usable.

Monolithic Map Legend  


We should start making maps and interfaces customized for various users.  In the same way that some users need an Austin Mini and some need a Peterbuilt Transport Truck, we need to make simpler maps and interfaces based on what the user needs.  Lets stop putting 600 layers in our maps, and choosing the layers for the need.

For example, rather than having a “City Map”, break it down into Business Development map, Utilities Map, Transportation Map, etc.  

Remember, sometimes, the simpler the better:

Mobile Map with Few Layers

You may even find simpler maps (< 10 layers) would be very effective for mobile platforms. 



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