GIS Data Needs a Database for a Home

There are many GIS formats out there, current SAFE Software translates over 250 GIS/CAD/Spatial formats.  The one thing in common is that the data can be accessed much easier if it was in a database.

The issue is maintaining the data once it’s there.  I really like the Oracle Spatial Extension that is part of AutoCAD Map 3D.  This has been around for over 10 years and works great.  It stores the AutoCAD blocks and its attributes, the Object Data and Link Template (all data in the DWG file) as columns in an Oracle table.  You can then render that data in other GIS that can read Oracle spatial data (such as MapGuide) exactly like it was in the DWG.  In fact, since the Oracle keeps the DWG file verbatim, you can read and write to Oracle and never lose the AutoCAD features you are used to.

Oracle DWG Data in MapGuide

This MapGuide rendered data including Polylines, Blocks and Symbols is maintained in AutoCAD Map and stored in Oracle.

Now, there is newer technology called FDO (feature data objects) that all the Autodesk (and other Open Source GISs) data is built on.  I really love FDO but the bridge between the DWG (object data, blocks, link templates) and the data sources (such as SQL Server 2008 spatial and Oracle spatial) is not complete for round-tripping.  I would love to see the mapping seen in the old Oracle Spatial Extension for AutoCAD Map moved over into the FDO world.

Now that would help GIS data find a home!

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