Installing MapGuide Maestro on Mac OS X (MacBook Pro)

So I went to the download page for MapGuide Maestro and downloaded the Linux/Mac binaries:


And unzipped them to DOWNLOADS/MapGuideMaestro/  folder

The instructions said to run MONO.  Mono enables the .NET libraries on your Mac.  So I went to the site:


Downloaded the DMG for the Mono 2.6.4 – Intel Framework and installed Mono (defaults)

Now this is where it gets weird, I have to run TERMINAL to get it work.  This is like the DOS window in Windows (LINUX people know this environment well).

In Applications > Utilities > Terminal


  • cd //
  • cd downloads/MapGuideMaestro/
  • mono Maestro.exe

And MapGuide Maestro opens!

But, I don’t want run Terminal this each time I want to run Maestro, so I can use Mac Automator.

So, open Applications > Automator

  • Choose Workflow
  • Drag and drop “Run Shell Script” into the Workflow
  • In the shell, remove “cat”
  • Type:
    • cd //
    • cd downloads/MapGuideMaestro/
    • mono Maestro.exe
  • To create a link on the desktop to run Maestro, click File > Save As
  • For Save As, enter:  MapGuideMaestro
  • For Where, ensure Desktop is selected
  • For File Format, choose Application
  • Click Save

You now have a Link on the Desktop that will open MapGuide Maestro!  

The only issue I have seen is that the PREVIEW modes do not work (except for previewing Web Layouts)..


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